A fine mess – short and sweet

The door handles are sticky. There’s a schlick, schlick, schlick sound from my shoes as I walk across the floor tiles. My hair is sticky, every spoon, uncapping fork, super, hive tool, bucket and anything at all that I’ve touched (and many places that I hadn’t touched) has a splodge of honey.  This is despite using gloves, protecting the floor and cleaning as I go. I know I’m born awkward, but this is ridiculous! I wash my hands for the umpteen time. I’ve learned a lot but for now I just get down to it and clean up the kitchen and de-sticky. 

That was my first honey harvest experience a few years ago, and like any major event, I will never forget it. All this for 35 pots of pure, gold, beautiful, clear honey. I think “Why am I doing this?” The wide beaming smile extending across my face as I hold up my first poured jar of honey to examine it’s memorizing contents is the answer.

The best hive – there be honey in those supers.
A super with frames of honey – what a sight!
Pouring honey from the borrowed extractor – I only needed a small bucket.
Starting the clean up – oh boy, have I learned since then to clean up my act!

Want to know how it’s done?
How To Extract Honey From A Bee Hive (Beginners Guide) (3 min video)

If you are curious about how it’s done on a big scale
Processing over 300 pounds of fall honey. (16 min video)


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