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  • Kevlar


    Kevlar has a bit of a reputation for protection and bees are bombarding me like bullets. I wonder if anyone made a suit out of Kevlar as I check the hives to see if it’s time to remove the supers. The bees sure ain’t happy about me poking into their hive… and no wonder, they…

  • A fine mess – short and sweet

    A fine mess – short and sweet

    The door handles are sticky. There’s a schlick, schlick, schlick sound from my shoes as I walk across the floor tiles. My hair is sticky, every spoon, uncapping fork, super, hive tool, bucket and anything at all that I’ve touched (and many places that I hadn’t touched) has a splodge of honey.  This is despite…

  • About time

    About time

    Nearly there. Only a few weeks to the harvest. I can feel the excitement quietly mounting in the pit of my stomach as I look forward to a bountiful supply of honey but know too that I could be bitterly disappointed. All the hives could have supers(boxes) full of honey one week and if the…