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  • A wing and a prayer.

    A wing and a prayer.

    “I’ll pray that you’ll have loads of bees.” My venerable elderly mother said. “Ach no mum, I’d prefer if you’d pray that I’ll have loads of honey.” “No, no.” She insisted. “Loads of bees, that’s what you want.” This was her way of saving the bees. Who am I to argue, so I stopped. “Thanks…

  • Give up beekeeping… Nah.

    Give up beekeeping… Nah.

    The tangle of dirty frames peep out of the binbags, evidence of procrastination. Frames that I should have cleaned in September. The wax would be more brittle in November, was my excuse then when I put them behind the old wooden shed. Out of sight, out of mind. Forgotten.  Now it’s February. I look at…

  • Knights Story

    Knights Story

    A long, long time ago there once was a quiet little village. Far away from the main towns or large roads it was more of a meeting place for the farmers in the fields around it then anything else, but it was a peaceful little village. Though it didn’t have a lot of many things…

  • Jamming


    “You love making a mess.”  “Um.” I say distractedly delaying delay my real response. I lift the thermometer out of the boiling jam.  It’s still 104oC. How can it take so long to get to the gelling temperature? Was that an insult or a statement of fact? I ponder. Putting the sticky thermometer back on…

  • Smokers – a modern twist

    Smokers – a modern twist

    Eureka! I’ve finally cracked it. I can light a smoker first time, every time. I found the trick at last and here is the secret. It’s not the fault of the fuel I was using, and I did try many see my post called Smokin‘ The magic ingredient, what I really need is sunshine and…

  • A taste of heaven

    A taste of heaven

    One of the joys of beekeeping is food! Having done my beekeeping duties early Saturday to avoid the exceptional blistering weather I brought my mentor back to the orchard with me to admire the set-up. A proud student. The hives are in a small compound facing a very young orchard and a different type of…

  • Attitude


    The look my bees give me when I open their hive. This particular bee is a fluffy bumblebee cousin of the honey bee but they share that – go away and don’t be bothering me – look.

  • A winter tale (continued)

    A winter tale (continued)

    “Get out of my way, I must dance!”  My sister butts me out of the way. She butts a load of others out of her way too. Then she starts wriggling, shaking her tail like crazy, runs a few steps along the comb before turning around and dashes back to where she started, turns and…

  • Storm prep

    Storm prep

    Splish, splosh, slide and glide, we sloshed or way through the mud visible in the headlights of my stationary car. The wind was picking up and a job that I could have done last weekend or even weeks before, had been left of course to the last minute. The storm was imminent. “Don’t shine the…

  • Hives of horror!

    Hives of horror!

    Gee, it’s some savagery. Bee keeping is husbandry and all the distasteful tasks that goes with that word but I know some beekeepers who approach hives like a ninja or a tai chi guru. Their walk, their movements, even their talk, flows gently. Their bees seem to appreciate this. I’ve also seen beginner beekeepers who…