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  • Give up beekeeping… Nah.

    Give up beekeeping… Nah.

    The tangle of dirty frames peep out of the binbags, evidence of procrastination. Frames that I should have cleaned in September. The wax would be more brittle in November, was my excuse then when I put them behind the old wooden shed. Out of sight, out of mind. Forgotten.  Now it’s February. I look at…

  • Double, double, toil and trouble

    Double, double, toil and trouble

    It’s Halloween and it seems apt that I find myself hovering over a cauldron with wooden frames sticking out over the edge of the bubbling mix of hot water, soda crystals, foaming melted wax, propolis and bee detritus.  I am sure medieval witches were beekeepers as the charming of bees must have seemed as mystical…

  • Great expectations…at last…the honey harvest!

    Great expectations…at last…the honey harvest!

    It’s impossible not to be excited and optimistic at the prospects of visiting the beehives and taking off their supers full of honey. After the year’s nurturing and monitoring the act of removing the supers and straining under the surprising weight of a full honey super is incredibly satisfying. I always feel that it is…