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  • Summer seeps in

    Summer seeps in

    A fantastic display of white blossoming hawthorn is lining the roads and adorning the ditches between the fields. There is a heady smell from the blossoms. The sun is shining, there are blue skies and a few extra degrees of warmth which is waking up the countryside. The road margins are dancing with wild flowers;…

  • Rhododendron


    As I cycle my bicycle along the country lanes I see large swaths of Rhododendrons. In bloom they are a flashy advertisement of flouncy herbage. Their buds are just forming now and will shortly open in a showy display of pink which look specular in a photograph. However, their beautiful display hides that they are…

  • Bees are loving the neglect

    Bees are loving the neglect

    Beekeepers seem to be in a perpetual state of angst. Despite our outwardly appearance of calm and the absolute joy that beekeeping brings, worries flow with the seasons and the weather… and a myriad of other triggers.  There’s this phenomenon called the June gap, a two -week period of dearth when the hives are full…