Month: December 2022

  • Unexpected Christmas presents

    Unexpected Christmas presents

    OUCH!  The bees let me know for sure that they do not hibernate for winter! I had a sneak peek at hives recently, just checking that they had enough food after the long wet spell followed by the cold snap followed by the current mild weather. This hive seemed heavy enough, but I added fondant…

  • Frost


    Cosy, snug, dry that’s how I imagine my bees these days as they cluster safe and warm in their hives conserving energy and resources as the temperatures hover below 0oC. As a beekeeper I much prefer this cold weather. I worried more during the recent long, mild, wet spell that settled on us during Autumn.…

  • Why aren’t our houses hexagons?

    Why aren’t our houses hexagons?

    I can see the appeal of 90o angles for the practicalities of construction but… The bees are away ahead of us with the construction of their pantries of honey maximised for storage “It has been proven that making the cells into hexagons is the most efficient shape for using the smallest possible amount of wax…