Month: October 2021

  • Bees on Ivy

    Bees on Ivy

    “Bees on Ivy”, This was my first published photograph, and it was chosen as the front cover photo for a beekeeping magazine. I was so proud. It was only after it was published and circulated across the globe that it was pointed out that the featured insects were not honeybees! Nope, they were not even…

  • Protected


    My hives are well protected again these days. A fine drizzle was making up its mind whether to stop or not and the long grass and brambles now covering the pile of stones were well and truly wet. I had three choices:  Walk away and come back another day – The sensible thing to do.…

  • Protest


    I ran through the protesters to my shed. If they could carry placards, they’d read: Return what’s ours!    Our hives, our honey! Beekeepers are criminals! Robber! The buzzing is like a low rev of an engine. It’s October, it’s not even warm, where did all these bees come from? The meagre bit honey in…