Honey attraction

Within 60 seconds they were crawling with bees! I had my back turned when the plastic box, a few supers and broken frames that had dribbles of honey left over from extracting was put out in the back yard during the clean-up the following day.  I had forgotten to mention that putting anything with honey on it outside was a bad idea. Attracting bees might sound great but it also attracts wasps! Lots of wasps!

Also, the mixing of bees from colonies for miles around can potentially spread disease. 

This too, is too many bees, too close for comfort to my neighbours in an otherwise peaceful suburb.

Thankfully, bees and wasps aren’t aggressive when they are not defending their own hives but the swirling about, ducking and diving and orientation flights of them all gets to you after a while. There’s no hiding from them. When I stand still for a few seconds in the back yard they smell honey off my clothes and are soon looking for a perch on me! I also have to be careful what I put my hand on in case I squish one and get stung.

Too late now. This is not a good time to move the boxes. I let them all enjoy the feast.

The bees and wasps are impressive cleaners and had the totally mopped up every smidgen honey by evening.

Here is some sensible information from BeeSuite on why you should avoid a honey free for all

For more on how cleaver bees are..see my post Bees are planning and conniving


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