Kevlar has a bit of a reputation for protection and bees are bombarding me like bullets. I wonder if anyone made a suit out of Kevlar as I check the hives to see if it’s time to remove the supers. The bees sure ain’t happy about me poking into their hive… and no wonder, they do have honey. Yipee!!

I am so glad I did buy that new fandangle, embarrassingly bright, yellow bee suit. Bright yellow! What possessed me! I am like big bird hovering over the hives, which is another reason for the bees to attack.  I’d be a tad defensive too if a bright yellow giant disassembled my house and with the intention to steal my supplies. 

For more about my yellow bee suit see my blog post  Suitable for bees

Yup! That’s what I’m like.

Thankfully it’s looking a far better year than last year when there were Great expectations but also great disappointment. This year (or any year) I don’t have the towers of supers, the stuff of legend, that some on social media have recently been showing off,

Not mine!

but I’m happy with what I’ve seen on my hives. There is a consistency among the hives and that’s good.  I came away from the bees unscathed and with my head full of plans for the final preparations for the removal of the honey supers.  

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