Loose wire

As I pace up and down the pavement and I wonder if I too have a wire loose. Is there something wrong with the wiring of my brain that I became a hobbyist beekeeper? I would not even have consider getting a tow bar put on my trusty steed if I didn’t have beehives to cart around. Keeping some of the mess and bees out of my car appealed to me so here I was. The tow bar had been connected but wasn’t working. An apprentice’s error which caused a loose earthing wire had me back to the garage. How could I be angry at this though? Who doesn’t make mistakes when learning their art? I’ve made so many errors in my bee keeping endeavours that I cannot point a finger at one small mistake.

To distract myself while I wait, I look around and notice the unkempt grass verge running aside the busy read which had been left go wide thanks to the local government decision to stop trimming the grass and let wild flowers grow to encourage pollinators. At first it just looks like a swath of long grass, but I see bumble bees and butterflies flittering. My spirits lift, there are loads of wildflowers along the verge. I count at least 10 different wildflowers within 50 yards. The time passes quickly as I take photos of them and bend and twist in yoga-like poses to get the best angle for the shot, much to the amusement of the cars whizzing by. Here are some of them.


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