Summer seeps in

A fantastic display of white blossoming hawthorn is lining the roads and adorning the ditches between the fields. There is a heady smell from the blossoms. The sun is shining, there are blue skies and a few extra degrees of warmth which is waking up the countryside. The road margins are dancing with wild flowers;  there is evidence that the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan ( has being embraced by obliging farmers, schools, colleges, businesses and most people with a plot or garden are sewing pollinator friendly flowers and plants.

My heart is singing as I think how honeybees will benefit. I also can’t help worry about my bigger hives and the risk of swarming as they are thriving with nectar and pollen in abundance. Have I done enough to prevent swarming or will they swarm anyway?   Should I interfere or let nature take its course?

Thank you, farmers.

Thank you all of you who have not knocked ditches or who have left margins and some area of land go wild to encourage biodiversity. 

Thank you all of you who planted flowers and trees and bushes to encourage bees and other pollinators.


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